Constructional fire protection according to DIN 4102


Constructional fire protection ensures your safety. Besides regulatory guidelines, an obligation to ensure safety during construction works must also be observed. Our workers are highly qualified specialists with a long-term professional experience. They will be happy to advise you and develop for you solutions that are customised to a given location, cost-effective and meet specified requirements.


We offer the following insulation systems:

  1. Fire protection insulation with a spray-on method.
  2. Fire protection and thermal insulation of a cellar flooring with fibreglass-containing plaster.
  3. Fire protection and thermal insulation with Promat panels containing mineral fibres.

The “Technical terms” tab contains basic information on constructional fire protection, together with further references.


Fire protection insulation with a spray-on method


A scope of services for fire protection insulation includes use of mineral fibres only and of plaster cured with a spray-on method.


Spray-on plaster is a highly effective fire protection method for various applications. This type of plaster consists of aluminosilicates mixed with inorganic hydraulic binders of vermiculite, perlite and fire protection additives.


Obszary/zakresy zastosowania:

  • Underground car parks – concrete floorings, girders and supports
  • Halls – steelgirders and supports, trapezoid sheet
  • Civil engineering – concrete floorings, steel girders and supports, ventilation ducts, wooden beam floorings


  • Mineral fibre-based plasters
  • Mineral hard plasters

Fire resistance classes


The range of our services includes:

Component Fire resistance class
Wooden beam floorings F 60 to F 120 B
Profiled sheet roofs F 30 to F 90
Concrete floorings F 90 to F 180
Steel girder and load-bearing profile F 90 to F 180
Ventilation ducts L 30 to L 90

External steel girder, spray-on method, Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Internal steel girder, hatch, Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Beam flooring insulation with spray-on plaster

Concrete flooring and ventilation ducts, AOK headquarters, Berlin

Thermal insulation and fire protection for a cellar flooring with mineral wool-based plaster


Insulation of a cellar flooring with mineral fibre-based plaster bond with class A construction material.


The material consists of slag wool, and cement and other fire-prevention mineral additives as binding agents. This material is proven to be free of asbestos.


Area of activity:


CAFCO Heat-Shield® or Dossolan-Thermique® are used as thermal insulation, fire prevention protection, acoustic insulation for floorings of cellars, multi-storey car parks, as well as on concrete surfaces, steel supports, or steel girders, and other concrete surfaces.




Materials are processed with a spray-on method, and in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. Depending on a substrate, verified latex-based bonding layers or expanded metal mesh are installed. Machine techniques recommended by the manufacturer are used for injections.

The binding time is 8 to 10 days, depending on the air temperature. The final durability is achieved in about 28 days.


Surface finish:


After processing, the surface is rough. On a Client’s request, the surface can be finished by rolling or pressing. To increase its durability, the surface will be coated with fibre hardener or paint.


The cellar flooring with pipe systems, insulated with Dossolan products

Cellar flooring, smooth surface