We use our own machines to apply mineral fibres and mineral wool. Machines are used to process plastering mortar and shredded mineral wool, and to apply this mixture onto walls and flooring substrates.


Our machines are highly effective, easy to operate, and reliable. They are used in the construction industry for large-surface areas. In particular, they are suitable for applying spray-on fire protection plasters, ensuring preventive fire protection inside and outside of a building.


With these machines various substrates, including steel girders, concrete floorings, concrete beam floorings, wooden beam floorings, profiled steel roofs, or difficult to reach locations in a building can be provided with a fire-resistant coating.

Mineralfaserspritzanlage FNWM-1


Mineralfaserspritzanlage FUNWM-2


Operation and mainteance


Only a professionally prepared and trained worker can operate these machines. Generally, machine maintenance means regular supplementing of lubricant losses in relevant tanks, and regular lubricant replacement when its lubricity is lost.

Professional and punctual performance of regular inspection together with immediate remedying of all and any defects found, guarantee the machine is in an operational condition throughout its use, and prevent premature wear and tear.

We recommend a technical maintenance of a machine once a year, to be performed by its manufacturer.

Spare parts for mineral fibre spraying devices are delivered by their manufacturer under a placed order.




Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in purchasing any of these machines, either new or second-hand.