Acts and standards

Conditions for Awarding Orders and Concluding Contracts in the Construction Industry (VOB/A) are available at the legal information website,


Construction companies applying for orders for construction works from public principals must meet relevant conditions. Qualification criteria are governed by Article 8 of the Guidelines (VOB/A).According to the regulations, an appropriate person means a bidder who proves its fundamental professional knowledge, reliability and efficiency in performance of rendered services. Each time, required information includes confirmation of correct performance, details on company’s technical and personal resources, company’s turnover for last three fiscal years, references, and similar.


Since 2006, Article 8.2 of VOB/A bylaws provides for an early qualification test as a part of pre-qualification, representing a national uniform system confirming professional knowledge and efficiency in performance of a given order. This means that pre-qualification is not based on submitted documents.

DIN 4102 (standard of the German Standardisation Institute)

  • Review, parts from 1 to 18, a list of an independent architect Hans Stefan Müller
  • Page 8 DIN 4102 part 4

EN 13501 (European Standard)

  • View page Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using data from fire resistance tests.

Regulations in Austria

  • Brief introduction to Austrian regulations can be found at the Ing. Rudolf Duschek Ltd. website (Downloads tab).

Overview of fire protection products and insulation systems

Amongst others, we used the following products as listed below, in an alphabetical order. Links provide connections to manufacturers’ internet websites, information on their products, material safety data sheets, and quality control certificates if they are in a public domain.

  • Birocoat: mineral fibre-based fire-resistant spray-on plaster
  • Daussan: plaster for fire protection and thermal coating
  • Fischer fixing systems: approvals
  • Hilti: A construction inspection approval and quality control certificates for fire protection (view product) fire protection
  • Knauf: Knauf K25: cladding for steel girders and supports, insulation panels for underground car parks and cellar floorings
  • Promat: Cafco-Brandschutzspritzputz – plaster for fire protection and thermal insulation, and Cafco-insulation panels (for partition walls)
  • Würth: selection of fire prevention systems, Membrane systems, Approvals, test reports and material safety data sheets

Technical terms and their meaning


In the construction industry, this term means reinforcement of raw material or of construction material.


Knee wall

A knee wall is an eaves wall above a roof level, supporting the roof structure.


Constructional fire protection

Professionally constructed fire protection ensures protection of health and life, environment, and public security, and is a precondition for effective firefighting.

Basic requirements are governed by national construction laws of individual Lands. To obtain insurance protection, buildings must meet requirements of a property insurer in terms of their construction and technical systems.


Concrete constructional fire protection

Verein deutscher Zementwerke [Association of German Cement Plants] provides relevant instructions as PDF files for downloading from their website.


Constructional fire protection at steel girders

Exposure to fire and a static system, a summary in a PDF file is available at (a former website)

Steel profiles – U/A Werte can be downloaded as PDF files in a tab „hilfsreiche Vordrucke” [useful forms] at


Construction material class

Construction components and construction materials are tested during a fire resistance test. In accordance with the German Standardisation Institute standard, DIN 4102, construction materials are classified into different classes. Class A construction materials are non-flammable, prolong fire resistance of construction components and are an important support during a fire.

  • A1 class – Non-combustible materials (e.g., mineral wool)
  • A2 class – Non-combustible materials with minor addition of flammable materials (e.g., fibreglass)
  • B1 class – Materials difficult to ignite (e.g., polystyrene, poly(vinyl chloride) – PVC, polyurethanes)

Fire resistance

Construction components and construction materials are classified according to their fire protection class and fire resistance class (F), from F0 to F180.


Numbers 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 represent time, as minutes, during which a relevant material resists fire. We have prepared for you a brief summary that can be downloaded here: (PDF 50.2 kb).


Fire resistance class – 30, abbreviation: F 30

In an event of fire, a construction component maintains its function for at least 30 minutes.


Epoxy resin

It is a duroplastic material of high tensile strength and chemical resistance. Epoxy resin coatings are used as anti-corrosion protection or for concrete renovation.



This term means increase in size of solids. Construction materials, whose density decreases and volume increases on exposure to high temperatures, are called intumescent materials. They are used for prevention in constructional fire protection (Source: Wikipedia).


Metal mesh (RSM)

RSM as a substrate for plaster, a brief description at and detailed description at


Thermal conductivity groups (WLG)

Construction materials are classified according to their thermal conductivity and application. They are classified into groups of different thermal conductivity. WLG represents calculated thermal conductivity. The lower the number, the higher thermal insulation properties of a relevant construction material. Classification starts with the class WLG 20, and ends with WLG 60.


Water glass-based adhesive

A water glass-based adhesive was specially developed for gluing construction components of mineral wool (panels, sumps, etc.). This product can be used to glue parts of mineral wool, as well as mineral wool components to steel elements (steel joists, girders, ventilation ducts, etc.).

Thermal insulation and efficient energy use

Malerinnung Berlin provides information on efficient energy use and thermal insulation. Information leaflet is available as a PDF file (482 KB).

The company Rockwool offers a Podcast Service with additional information, explanations and guidelines concerning energy efficient buildings.